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I am dandandan, MobileDan, or The Phone Tutor but to my friends, family and the government I’m Daniel

Here is where I am going to keep people updated on features and news from the perspective of an average guy. Learning about Smartphones from scratch.

In the last couple of months I’ve gotten overwhelmed by terms that I still don’t fully understand. What I aim to do here, is to try explain what some of the newer cell phone products are, and how they can and will help you in your daily life!

What I do understand is that I needed a phone that could keep up with me, and I’ve been on the right trail, following Symbian S60 devices and falling in love with each and every one I’ve seen and played with…

Don’t be blown away just yet, I’m going to explain it all, the best that I can, and catch you up to speed!

I’m not an expert, I’m just a very demanding mobile user, and I think that the way things are going I see a future where everything that I see now will be commonplace.

My education is not in mobile technology, it’s not even in technology, I went to school for Respiratory Care, and fell in love with mobile devices and mobile technology as a way to keep in touch with the world when I am away from a computer.

I do a lot of video and texting while driving, I must advise against this for anyone, including myself, it’s dangerous.  while I feel that the hands free while talking is a joke, texting and driving is serious, you are distracted and could hurt yourself or worse yet, someone else!  Please be careful so you can continue to read my blog! 😉

I’m an average guy I guess, a bit high strung but for all intents and purposes if you were to run into me in the street you’d think I was just any other mobile user, which I am, except I’m the person who walks up to strangers to show them the new toys that I have to play with…

Please enjoy your visit to my blog, come back often, and participate in discussions.  I put a lot of effort into this, more for me then for you, but it’s nice to hear that someone got something out of what I have to say…

Thanks again for visiting! MD


Written by danielsilvers

May 20, 2008 at 8:29 pm

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  1. Dan – we have a cool new app under Private Beta that we would love to get your take on. Please send me an email and we will set you up. Mark


    November 20, 2008 at 11:54 pm

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